Man Questioned in Taoyuan for Abusing Child 網傳桃機車行家暴事件 警通知當事人說明

There are videos going viral of a father abusing his daughter. On June 8, the Taoyuan police called in the man for questioning. The father explained that his stepdaughter frequently lies, steals and even induces other kids to selfharm. The girl is currently under the care of relatives. Meanwhile, indignant residents vandalized the father's business, and police have launched an investigation as well.

Inside a scooter repair business, a man uses a rolled up poster to hit the head and body of his eight-year-old stepdaughter. Videos of this man abusing his daughter are going viral on LINE and Facebook. On June 8, the Taoyuan police called the man in for questioning, while social workers assessed whether the girl should be taken away.

Chang Chia-wei, Deputy Captain, Puzi Police Station: “This incident wasn't reported to the police. While the police were policing the Internet, we discovered what appeared to be improper disciplinary actions and we immediately launched an investigation. ”

The man is the owner of a scooter repair business. He told the police that the girl frequently lies and steals. Her mother has talked to her many times but it was useless. He also said other parents called him recently to say the girl was bullying their children and taught a five-year-old girl how to self-harm. He admitted that he got too hot-headed while disciplining her so he ended up hitting her. He apologized and said he will adjust his disciplinary methods.

Scooter Repair Business Owner: “I apologize to everyone for the bad impression I made when inappropriately disciplining the child.”

Lin Yen-ting, Director, Center for Domestic Violence and Sexual Prevention, Taoyuan: “We assessed the child's safety and sent her to the care of relatives. With regards to the stepfather's inappropriate disciplinary methods, we have already applied for an emergency protection order.”

The Taoyuan Center for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention said the girl was examined by social workers and the police at the scene for injuries and didn't have any obvious scars. An injury complaint will be filed based on the assessment and the girl will be offered psychological counseling. Parental education will be imposed, and counseling will be followed up. Meanwhile, indignant residents vandalized the man's business with paint and joss paper. The police have identified six people and opened an investigation for damage and threatening behavior. They urge people to remain rational.










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