Ex-firefighter Posts Allegations About Enen Case 網友控偽造報案 新北消防局駁斥指控.提告

Representatives from the New Taipei City Fire Department went to the district prosecutors office on June 8 to file a lawsuit against a former firefighter surnamed Chang for his allegations in a Facebook post. Chang accused the department of falsifying reports and pretending that a fire alarm sounded in order to deceive the father of Enen, a two-year-old boy who died of COVID-19, while he was at the department to listen to audio recordings. Chang also said the department created a noisy environment and altered recordings to back up its lie. 

Li Yu-sung, Director, Emer. & Rescue Comm. Center, New Taipei City FD: “I think we can use this opportunity to let Enen's father know that everyone is conscientiously handling every single case under the high-pressure epidemic situation. I'm sorry there were misunderstandings with Enen's father, and the process did not affect the dispatch.”

The department said what it did was simulate the conditions on the day of the call to help the father better understand the situation. Meanwhile, Taiwan Mobility demanded that New Taipei City Mayor Hou Yu-ih take responsibility.

Wang Wei-chun, Deputy Convener, Taiwan Mobility: “Director Li is carrying this pot himself. Director Li is very brave to take responsibility. Shouldn't Mayor Hou Yu-ih also tell everyone how fabulous the New Taipei City Government is? Are you going to take responsibility? Do you want to hold the Golden Bell Award again? You might have the chance to win big.”

Taiwan Mobility said the whole incident went awry, staining all firefighters instantly, and demanded that senior officials take responsibility. The mayor said he will support firefighters and defend their innocence and honor.

Hou Yu-ih, Mayor, New Taipei City: “I support our firefighters, who are willing to risk life and limb. I will defend their innocence and honor.”

The father was not informed ahead of time of the "situational simulation," and he was surprised when he heard about it. He once again asked the city government to release all files related to horizontal communication between units. He also said how 1922 handled the situation was problematic.

Mr. Lin, Enen's Father: “If local governments are seriously incompetent and neglect their jobs, then the central government's 1922 should shoulder the responsibility of serving as the people's second line of defense.”

The father said he couldn't understand the fire department's behavior. He also said that from the information he obtained from the central government, he discovered that it took 143 minutes for 1922 to transfer the case, and he can't accept this. He asked the central government to provide more complete information.