Anti-Stalking, Harassment Act Takes Effect 跟騷法6/1上路 雙北出現第一起觸法案件

The Stalking and Harassment Prevention Act came into force yesterday, and a violation has already occurred in the greater Taipei area. 

A person is pursued downstairs. A resident accused a man wearing green of stalking his girlfriend and following her into an apartment building. The two sides gave different stories. When this type of stalking and harassment incident occurred in the past, there was no dedicated law to punish perpetrators. The Stalking and Harassment Prevention Act went into effect on June 1, and the first violation has already been reported. 

Li Ping-tsang, Captain, Women's & Children's Protection Div., TCPD: “Starting at the end of last year, phone calls and messages were continuously used to harass. Yesterday, the ex-boyfriend once again used phone calls and messages with threatening language to harass her. This violated the Stalking and Harassment Prevention Act.”

After the couple split, the ex-boyfriend kept sending messages to his former girlfriend, some with obscene or threatening language. The police said the woman had previously applied for and been granted a domestic violence protection order, but her ex kept harassing her. This behavior already violated the Stalking and Harassment Prevention Act, including a provision on gender-related continuous harassment that intimidates a person. The police have already issued a written warning to the perpetrator in accordance with the act, and have notified prosecutors. They will also continue to investigate the ex-boyfriend's violation of the domestic violence protection order.

Li Ping-tsang, Captain, Women's & Children's Protection Div., TCPD: “In this case, there was already a domestic violence protection order. Prosecutors will be notified of any violations of the written order.”

The act covers eight types of stalking and harassing behaviors against a specific person, including interference by electronic communication measures and pursuit of the person. The police will first issue a written warning. If another violation occurs within two years' time, the victim can apply for a protection order. The public is reminded that stalking and harassment behaviors that took place before June 1, 2022 and aren't repeated after the new law went into effect can't be dealt with using the new law.