Limp Infant Spent 2+ Hours in ER Without Seeing Doctor 媽媽抱嬰兒到高醫 等2小時還沒看到醫生

With the case count soaring in southern Taiwan, patients are having to wait for hours to get to see a doctor. A Kaohsiung resident said he witnessed a mother with an infant waiting over two hours without anyone paying attention to them.

A team disinfects the area outside Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital's ER. Kaohsiung has reported more cases than Taipei in the last few days. A local man that accompanied his parents to the ER on the 28th says they had to wait over six hours to see a doctor. During that time, he witnessed a woman with a limp infant waiting over two hours without anyone paying attention to them.

Mr. Lin, Patient's Family Member: “Even from a distance of 20-30 meters I could hear the mother sobbing and begging for someone to help save her child.”

After Mr. Lin wrote about his experience on Facebook, the hospital responded that there was an infant that was more in need of care in the ER at the time.

Chen Tai-heng, Pediatric Chief, Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital: “An infant under 12 months old may need to be intubated if they are in respiratory distress. This was considered a severe case, so we spent more time and effort on this case in the ER.”

Citizen: “Hospitals have a high viral load. You might enter the hospital not infected, but leave infected.”

Citizen: “I've (waited) three or four hours (to see a doctor). (But you think it's understandable?) Yes.”

The hospital says parents of children with mild symptoms should seek treatment at outdoor epidemic clinics instead if they want to cut down on waiting time. Over in Tainan, National Cheng Kung University Hospital's ER is likewise struggling. Hospital officials say the number of ER patients has doubled since the government began treating positive rapid tests as confirmed cases. 

Lee Jing-wei, Vice Superintendent, National Cheng Kung University Hospital: “We're pretty much at full capacity. We've even added internists, epidemiologists and pulmonologists to our team.”

The hospital says it is operating at close to capacity treating moderate to severe cases and hospitals may be starting to collapse under their own weight as the case count keeps rising.












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