Chiang Wan-an Wins KMT Nomination for Taipei Mayor 獲藍提名選台北市長 蔣萬安訪馬英九

The KMT officially nominated Chiang Wan-an, one of its legislators, on the 25th as its candidate to run in the Taipei City mayor's election at the end of the year. Chiang visited former President Ma Ying-jeou, also a two-term Taipei mayor, early in the morning.

Chiang Wan-an, Taipei Mayor Nominee (KMT): “The development of the city is continuous. Past accumulated experiences allow Taipei to sustainably develop under the existing foundation. I will use innovative thinking, technology, and the spirit of sustainability to execute my civic vision for Taipei.”

Chiang emphasized that "I am me. And I am Chiang Wan-an," in response to DPP's claims that he is "Ma Ying-jeou 2.0." Chiang said he will uphold the sovereignty of the Republic of China in future cross-Strait discussions. Chiang states recognizing the fact of division between the two sides of the Strait is the common basis for cross-Strait exchanges.

Chiang Wan-an, Taipei Mayor Nominee (KMT): “The prerequisite for holding the Taipei-Shanghai City Forum is that the CCP will no longer militarily harass Taiwan and show goodwill to us. It only makes sense to hold the forum if the two sides have equal status. We will go back to upholding the sovereignty of the Republic of China and recognize the fact of division between the two. I think this is a way to communicate with the other side. Common ground is very important. I think this is currently the largest common view in Taiwan.”

Compared with its Taipei City candidate, the KMT has nomination chaos for the next Miaoli county magistrate election. There are rumors that some local, key KMT heavyweights have begun to consolidate their support to nominate former Miaoli Irrigation Co-op Chairperson Hsieh fu-hung as the party's next candidate. However, recently, rumors abound that former county magistrate Liu Cheng-hung intends to run again and will conduct telephone polls on the 27th and 28th. The KMT's central office responded that it did not entrust polling agencies to conduct election polls.

Wang Yu-min, Director, Culture and Communications Committee, KMT: “As far as I know, the party's central office is not currently holding a poll for Miaoli. So I believe this is purely a party member maybe making personal statements about such an issue.”

Meanwhile, Miaoli County Council's Speaker Chung Tung-chin is believed to have been "getting ready" for the race. Chung posted on Facebook criticizing the KMT central office for still not deciding on a nomination, which will lead to deepening rifts among local party members.











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