Will Taipei Start Summer Vacation Early? 疫情嚴峻提早放暑假? 台北市教育局:再觀察

All of Taipei's elementary, junior high, and senior high schools are conducting classes virtually this week, and the issue of whether to start the summer vacation early is under discussion.

Tseng Tsan-chin, Commissioner, Department of Education, Taipei City: “This issue will slowly develop, so further observation is needed. We'll continue observing. Elementary schools are offering basic care services at present, and 1,334 students in 185 classes are physically present at schools because their parents can't take care of them. We will continue offering basic care services.”

Ko Wen-je, Mayor, Taipei City: “The most troublesome are those complementary measures that must be enacted after schools resume classes. If one student tests positive, what will be done with the other students? Classes are stopped for three days if one student tests positive, so school keeps starting and stopping. This isn't a solution.”

Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je is currently isolating at home for seven days after testing positive, and is attending meetings virtually. During this meeting, he was seen blowing his nose occasionally. The city's Department of Education said further observation is needed as the decision to start the summer vacation early will affect the upcoming academic year and school transfers, and graduates.