Over 130,000 Students Test Positive Since Beginning of 2022: MOE 教育部:全台逾13萬學生確診 國小占4.5萬

Taiwan's high schools and below switch to online classes during the week of May 23 through 27. Some schools offer to take care of students for parents if they cannot stay at home with them. 

The teacher is holding an iPad and teaching the class remotely. In Taipei City, all high schools and below have switched to online classes for the week, from May 23 through 27. There are barely any students seen on campus during this period of time. However, some parents cannot afford to stay home with young children for remote schooling. Changan Elementary School in Taipei City solves this problem by offering the option to have parents send their kids to school during the day for online classes while one teacher takes care of them. Six elementary and two preschool students came to school for this purpose on the 23rd. 

Yen Shu-chu, Principal, Taipei Municipal Changan Elementary School: “We have a total of 136 preschool students aging between two and six. Two of them came to school and we provided some school activities for them. In principle, we are optimistic about children physically coming back to school when most of them have been vaccinated.”

Changan Elementary School said in their case, that about 60 percent of preschool parents and 50 percent of elementary school parents are willing to have their children get vaccinated. The school said they prefer having children come to campus for school when there is enough protection from vaccination. Official figures show that 150 elementary schools and 118 middle and high schools in Taipei have switched to online classes for the week. Over 1,300 elementary students are being sent to school anyhow during the day so assigned teachers can help to take care of them while their parents need to be at work or away. The switch to online classes further impacts the school catering service. 

Chen Ming-hsin, Chairperson, Taiwan Union of Catering Business Association: “If students don't have to come to campus, then we don't get to offer school lunches. School lunch catering services are foreseeing a loss as high as NT$450 million nationwide between May 23 to 27. ”

School caterers say that school lunch catering services earn very little net income. They hope that they can be subsidized by the government and related agencies during this period of time. The Ministry of Education responded to their call for help by saying that catering contracts can go by the terms detailing a pause during this time. The ministry said they will hold cross-agency meetings to decide on a subsidy scheme.