Taipei Councilor to Sue over Parking Fine Incident 徐巧芯遭爆違停不開單 信義分局稱是誤傳

Taipei City Councilor Hsu Chiao-hsin is embroiled in an illegal parking controversy after she is rumored to exert pressure on a police officer, who eventually left without issuing a ticket. Both Hsu and the police have denied such reports.

Taipei City Councilor Hsu Chiao-hsin apologizes to the public for parking illegally. However, she says the rumors of her pressuring the police not to fine her are false and she will sue the person that spread the rumor.

Hsu Chiao-hsin, Taipei City Councilor (KMT): “I told the officer I was Hsu Chiao-hsin, and this is my car. I did not say I was a city councilor or anything like that. Why would I declare that? It was the officer that asked for my ID first.”

Hsu says she told the officer several times to go ahead and write up the fine, but some people insist she must not have used a nice tone of voice and intimidated the officer into not fining her. Hsu says tone of voice is subjective and she did not try to unduly pressure the officer.

Hsu Chiao-hsin, Taipei City Councilor (KMT): “This has severely damaged my reputation and the situation has been extremely stressful. That's why I intend to sue.”

The person that started the story has already apologized, admitting they didn't research the story and spread false information without any evidence. However, Hsu says this isn't enough when her reputation has been damaged and police body cam footage showed she was telling the truth.

Hsu You-yu, Deputy Chief, Sanzhangli Police Station: “(Hsu Chiao-hsin) did initially mention that drivers are usually let off with a warning, but after that, she said it's OK, go ahead and write up the fine. At that point, the officer decided not to proceed.”

The police say the entire conservation between Hsu and the officer was very calm, and Hsu has been reissued a fine. It also says it will strengthen officer training.











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