Backup Test Venues Set for COVID Related Students 會考週末登場 居隔等3類考生備用試場應試

The Comprehensive Assessment Program for Junior High School Students will take place on May 21. New Taipei City, as the second largest city in terms of the number of test takers, has allocated over 270 special classrooms to accommodate those under home isolation or quarantine to prevent the disease from spreading further. A simulation of diversion of students was carried out at the city's Guang Fu High School, with mayor Hou Yu-ih inspecting the entire process.

With guide signs erected, New Taipei's Guang Fu High School simulates the entrance and diversion of students into the examination room for the Comprehensive Assessment Program for Junior High School Students. General students go to the right. Students who are under home isolation, home quarantine, or self-management go to the left.

After taking their temperature, these three categories of students will take the test in different classrooms. Rooms for students isolating at home with symptoms or who have fevers on the day of the exam have the fewest seats, with only 8 to 12 chairs. Mayor Hou Yu-ih inspected the entire simulation and emphasized that in case a candidate is notified of a confirmed diagnosis in the middle of the test, the student will be sent to a hospital after finishing the test.

Hou Yu-ih, New Taipei Mayor: “We'll start the medical care process immediately. Regardless of whether the student is deemed to be isolated at home or cared for at a hospital, we have an entire evacuation SOP. We'll ask our healthcare system to step in at the right time.”

With more than 30,700 candidates taking the exam, New Taipei City is the second largest in terms of the number of test takers. The city has set aside as many as 274 classrooms to accommodate students under home isolation or quarantine. According to the Ministry of Education, 2,011 students in the country have a COVID positive diagnosis. Close to 3,000 students are in home isolation, quarantine, and self-management. A student taking the exam said it will be held this weekend but this student has been away from the classroom for the past two weeks. She is worried it will affect her performance on the exam.

Miss Kao, 9th Grader, Guang Fu High School: “You feel that pressure more from in-person classes. Relatively speaking, there is less pressure with online learning. I think it's hard to tell the influence the new measure might have on students. If it's easier to be relaxed or overly relaxed to take this test.”

The Ministry of Education reiterated that students diagnosed before May 20 and have not been released from quarantine, who have not yet received PCR results after a positive quick screening test, or who have not obtained PCR results cannot take the test. These students can make up the test on June 4 and 5. Even if a student receives a positive diagnosis on the first day of the test, he or she can make up for the unfinished test subjects. A student can freely choose whether to participate or not in the subjects already tested. Additional admission quotas will be increased, which will not affect the rights and interests of other students.