Kaohsiung Sees Torrential Rain; Roadside Trees Toppled 中南部多縣市大雨特報 甚至出現路樹倒塌

The Central Weather Bureau issued heavy rain alerts for Taichung and areas to the south on May 11 and a torrential rain alert for Kaohsiung. The rain toppled roadside trees in Kaohsiung, and a section of the Southern Cross-Island Highway will be closed from the 14th to the 16th as a precaution.

Torrential rain pummeled Kaohsiung on the morning of May 11. The rain was accompanied by thunder. Office workers got wet during their commutes, and people had to make detours after roadside trees toppled, possibly after being struck by lightning. Water accumulated on several roads. Over in Tainan, parts of Anding District flooded. The accumulated rainfall over the main access road to Sangu Borough in Qigu District was 20 centimeters after a torrential rainfall lasting half an hour. The water ebbed before noon.

Huang Hsien-li, Chief, Sangu Borough, Qigu District, Tainan City: “It primarily drained into Sangu River. The terrain over there is low-lying, so it floods any time there is a typhoon or heavy rain.”

A convection cloud system is vigorously developing, bringing short but intense showers. The Central Weather Bureau issued a torrential rain alert for Kaohsiung on May 11. It said Taichung and areas to the south up to Pingtung, as well as Nantou, may see local showers, lighting, and gusts. The weather will remain unstable over the next several days, and the first plum rain front of the season will arrive over the weekend.

Liu Pei-teng, Forecaster, Central Weather Bureau: “On Saturday and Sunday, the plum rain front will be directly over Taiwan. The intensity will gradually slow down and the front will gradually and slowly approach Taiwan. The rainfall will become more obvious starting on Thursday night to Friday. The plum rain will be very obvious on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.”

The Southern Cross-Island Highway was reopened to traffic at the beginning of the month. The Directorate General of Highways' Jiasian Construction Section assessed the weather forecast and determined that torrential rain may fall over mountainous sections. It is therefore closing the Meishankou to Xiangyang section between May 14 and 16 as a precaution. Machines will be on standby should repairs be needed and personnel will be sent to patrol the road.









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