Taipei Councilors Launch Rapid Test Lending Program 北市議員發起快篩互助 採「有借有還」

As demand for rapid tests continues to skyrocket as the epidemic situation worsens, several Taipei City councilors launched a "rapid test mutual assistance group."

Rapid tests are prepared for delivery to those who need them. The domestic epidemic situation continues to worsen, with the number of confirmed cases and people ordered to quarantine ascending rapidly. Demand for rapid tests has soared, but there are virtually none available. Several Taipei City councilors therefore launched a "rapid test mutual assistance group" to assist those in urgent need of a rapid test.

Miao Po-ya, Taipei City Councilor (SDP): “It's based on mutual trust and mutual assistance, as well as borrowing and returning to allow love to circulate. We can use our strength to continuously get rapid tests to those friends who urgently need them. ”

Meredith Huang, Taipei City Councilor (Ind.): “Perhaps a person has been quarantining for three days, so this person has no way of going out and lining up to buy rapid tests. We're helping to make up for this by providing a rapid test to this person. Later on, this person can get the rapid test kit allotted under the real name-based rationing system and return a test to us.”

Those who get a rapid test through this program can "return" a test once they get their allotment under the real name-based rationing system or purchase one through another method. This program will first be launched in eight of Taipei's administrative districts. Meanwhile, Taiwan's disease prevention efforts during the past two years achieved international recognition. However, the highly transmissible Omicron variant has caused the number of cases to skyrocket. Former Vice President Chen Chien-jen gave an interview to the British news outlet "The Guardian," where he said shifting from zero-COVID to coexistence is the right direction. He also criticized the government for failing to stockpile a sufficient number of rapid tests.

Chiu Chen-yuan, Legislator (TPP): “You want everyone to go onto the battlefield to fight, yet you don't even provide helmets or weapons. The Central Epidemic Command Center needs to delegate rapid tests to local governments because they're the ones that know which administrative districts are most in need of them.”

The Taiwan People's Party urged central government units to directly address the epidemic chaos and rapidly provide sufficient rapid tests and enact effective financial relief measures.