Fifteen Confirmed COVID Cases at Mackay Memorial Hospital by May 9 台東馬偕傳群聚感染 累計已15人確診

More and more infections are being reported in Taitung. Fifteen cases so far have been confirmed at Mackay Memorial Hospital Taitung Branch. The hospital quickly managed the spread of COVID by quarantining and monitoring those who have come in close contact. 

COVID-19 infections were reported at the ward on the 4th floor of Mackay Memorial Hospital in Taitung on Friday the 6th. The hospital quickly quarantined and tested up to 82 people including patients, family members, and hospital staff. Seven patients, 5 family members, and 3 hospital staff have since then been confirmed with COVID. These 15 cases are now under treatment at the COVID-19 designated ward within the hospital. Other patients and family members who turned out negative in connection to the COVID cluster on the 4th floor are to continue with their quarantine.

Hsu Kuang-nan, Head of Hospital Superintendent Office: “Once we knew about the infections we had people involved go under quarantine right away wherever they were at. Those who did rapid tests already once will be asked to do tests again if they feel sick in any way.”

Domestic tourism is now taking another toll. In Taitung, to reduce people-to-people contact, local hotels arranged to have fewer employees working at the hotel. Workforce decreased by 20 to 30 percent. One local hotel even turned to self-service to attract visitors.

Mr. Li, Visitor: “Visitors don't have to come in contact with hotel employees, everything is self-service.”

Kao Chuan-chieh, Hotel operator in Taitung: “We have three to four people fewer working at the hotel each month. It saves a lot on cost. We can provide more service with saved cost. ”

Without raising nationwide level 3 restrictions like in the past, visitors are more likely to arrange trips for fun and would need accommodation. One certain hotel in Taitung is now implementing a self-service system where visitors can check-in and check-out on their own. The price per night is pretty much equivalent to one night at the backpacker hostels. The hotel operator says they can also provide better service with costs saved on employees. Some Taitung hotel operators remain hopeful for business during this current pandemic peak in Taiwan.