Legislators Question the High Price of Rapid Test Kits 快篩試劑偏貴? 陳:同廠牌相比 勿混淆視聽

As home rapid test kits are in high demand, legislators question if their prices are priced too high. CECC Commander Chen Shih-chung said the price comparison is confusing to the public and he expects 100 million more units to arrive by the end of June.

As the pandemic in Taiwan heightens, household demand for rapid test kits increases. A week into the CECC's inception of the real-name purchase rationing system, long lines await outside pharmacies. Both pan-blue and pan-green legislators question the high price of rapid test kits.  

Chen Shih-chung, Minister of Health and Welfare: “A home test kit costs NT$40~50, depending on the brand. Ours is of the Roche and costs NT$100. When comparing prices, one should compare with similar brands. I believe given the demand, now is not the time to confuse the public.”

The CECC is considering replacing home isolation with three doses of vaccination and a rapid test when the overall booster shot rate reaches 70 percent. While the plan remains under consideration, some legislators point out that the percentage of severe cases must be closely monitored. Health and Welfare Minister Chen shih-chung responded that he hopes to keep the overall percentage of severe cases below 1 percent, in which case the pandemic should still be "controllable." 

Lai Hui-yuan, Legislator (DPP): “We hope that your objective is to keep the percentage of severe complication cases at a minimum. ”
Chen Shih-chung, Minister of Health and Welfare: “If rapid tests will replace home quarantine in the future, with a higher vaccination rate comes higher protection for the society, then we may try in this direction. ”

Chen also mentioned that he anticipates 130-170 million rapid test kits to arrive at Taiwan by the end of June. As to the U.S. CDC's adjustment of Taiwan from a low-risk to a high-risk country, and recommends that citizens do not travel to Taiwan, Chen said this is the U.S. adjusting pursuant to pandemic risk, and in fact, Taiwan's pandemic is heating up.