Man Threatens Pharmacist over Rapid Tests 試劑已賣完 男子一時氣憤出言恐嚇藥師

A conflict broke out at a pharmacy in New Taipei City's Luzhou District. A consumer who couldn't get his hand on a home rapid test kit hit the table and kiked the chair inside the pharmacy, and was later arrested by the police.

Police arrive at the scene. They had received a report of disorderly conduct outside a pharmacy.

Pharmacist: “I didn't have any rapid tests left, so he snatched away the number. I told him I was going to call the police. He hit the table and kicked my chair.”

The pharmacist explained that someone had gotten very angry over not being able to buy rapid tests and made a huge fuss in the pharmacy. 

Witness: “He didn't come pick up his rapid test kit, so it was sold to someone else. He wasn't happy that the pharmacist sold it to someone else, so he kicked the chair and table.”

This incident occurred on May 3. At noon, a man surnamed Lin headed to a pharmacy in New Taipei City's Luzhou District, where he was given a number. He didn't return to finalize his purchase once the rapid tests went on sale, and the pharmacy was unable to contact him. After several hours, when his number had already passed, Lin reappeared and said he wanted his test kit. By this time, the pharmacy was sold out. Lin flew into a rage and began yelling at the pharmacist.

Chiang Yen-shao, Captain, Jixian Police Station: “There was an altercation with the pharmacist, and he hit the table and chair. He took the number with him. This case has been transferred to prosecutors to investigate for coercion and intimidation.”

The police set up a task force to examine surveillance footage. They identified the suspect and arrested him at his residence. The case has been transferred to prosecutors, who will investigate Lin for coercion and intimidation.











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