Tax Filing Postponed to End of June Due to Treatment and Quarantine 因疫治療.隔離.檢疫無法報稅 展延至6月底

The Ministry of Finance announced a deadline extension for those who have difficulties filing taxes in time due to COVID-19 treatment or quarantine. Numerous legislators, however, suggest that the policy should be made applicable to all taxpayers.

Many have begun rounding up their documents to prepare for the May tax season, and tax filing has become even more of a headache for some this year due to the pandemic. The Ministry of Finance, therefore, has decided that if people are unable to finish filing taxes at the end of May due to COVID-19 treatment or quarantine, including income and business tax or real estate taxes, the filing deadline can be extended to June 30. 

Lai Shyh-bao, Legislator (KMT): “Why don't you just extend it all to June? It has happened before!”
Su Jain-rong, Finance Minister: “Whether the deadline extension should be applied to all depends on the COVID-19 situation. Yes, I said just now we would first observe the COVID-19 situation and then do a comprehensive review.”
Kuo Kuo-wen, Legislator (DPP): “I think postponing filing taxes for some is in line with your policy objective as it categorized taxpayers into different groups.”
Su Jain-rong, Finance Minister: “However, what if there will be more and more people affected by COVID-19? Under the circumstances, we should take that into consideration in future assessments.”
Numerous legislators from both ruling and opposition parties suggest that the deadline extension policy should be applicable to all citizens as people confirmed or quarantined will only keep increasing. Finance Minister Su Jain-rong notes that there will be gradual adjustment pursuant to the COVID-19 situation. In addition, with respect to the recent plunge of TAIEX, Su responds that the National Financial Stabilization Fund is currently scrutinizing Taiwan stock trends.

Su Jain-rong, Finance Minister: “I have already asked the relevant colleagues at the National Financial Stabilization Fund to closely observe the overall trends of Taiwan stock. If necessary, I would convene an emergency National Financial Stabilization Fund Committee to decide the next steps.”

Due to the rise in the Fed rate, coupled with the Ukraine-Russia war, the Taiwan stock market is heavily affected. Will the National Financial Stabilization Fund step in to stabilize? Su emphasized that if necessary depending on the situation, he will decide whether to convene an emergency meeting and discuss whether the Fund will step in to maintain financial market stability.