Police Uncover Cambodia Insurance Scam 赴柬旅遊稱染病 疑涉持不實收據申請理賠

Fraudulent National Health Insurance claims have come to light after 50 suspects have been arrested. They are suspected of using fake medical receipts obtained while traveling in Cambodia and claimed a total of nealy NT$ 8 million.

Taiwanese police traveled to Cambodia to find out if these medical receipts are real. The receipts were submitted by Taiwanese travelers to the National Health Insurance Administration.

Huang Chi-wei, 4th Investigation Corps, Criminal Investigation Bureau: “It started with contact with an overseas Taiwanese living there. Once the relationship was established, they asked their friends and family in Taiwan to travel to Cambodia. They would pay this overseas Taiwanese person cash for fake medical certificates and receipts from this overseas Taiwanese and then apply for claims from the National Health Insurance Administration and insurance companies after getting back to Taiwan.”

Police identified an insurance agent surnamed Chan as a central figure in the scam. In less than a year, 50 people collected over NT$7.78 million from the NHIA and insurance companies in this way. The NHIA lost NT$1.35 million with no recourse to recover the amount.

Lee Po-chang, Director-General, National Health Insurance Administration: “If you have an accident or fall ill while traveling overseas and need medical treatment, hospitalization or a visit to the ER, the national health insurance system will provide compensation in the amount that you would have had to pay if you'd been in Taiwan. It is wrong to use fake receipts to collect money from insurance companies.”

The scam was uncovered when police noticed many receipts coming from the same few hospitals in a short amount of time. The case has been transferred to prosecutors but the amount lost by the NHIA will be passed on to taxpayers. The administration says it will work with other agencies to improve vigilance.