Replace Quarantine with Screening Tests: Experts 染Omicron逾九成輕症 專家籲以篩代隔

Starting from April 22, gymgoers, group tourists, and those who participate in religous events must present proof of a third shot vaccination before they are allowed to enter the venues. The policy has created numerous complaints and confusion on the first day.

Many people will go to the gym to exercise and they can take off their masks while they do. However, based on epidemic prevention needs, starting April 22, people must show proof of three vaccine doses in order to enter gyms.

Gymgoer: “Why must we be vaccinated to exercise? You can go out to eat without being vaccinated. Why isn't it the same for entering a gym?”

The Central Epidemic Command Center announced that people are required to get a third dose to enter "high-risk" establishments, where they may come into contact with nonspecific persons or cannot maintain social distancing. The booster shot requirement became effective from April 1 at eight types of adult entertainment venues, such as dance clubs, bars, nightclubs, and saunas. It will now also apply to gymgoers, group tourists, and those who participate in religious events, such as pilgrimages and processions starting from April 22.

Huang Li-min, Honorary Chairperson, Infectious Diseases Society of Taiwan: “Basically, the government can put less effort on people who have received three vaccine doses. Because again, they don't have so much manpower that can take care of this and that. How to get the elderly vaccinated and get medicine to the people who need them should be the priority.”

The number of confirmed COVID cases in Taiwan has exceeded 1,000 for seven consecutive days. CECC Commander Chen Shih-chung recently said that the number of confirmed cases in a single day may exceed 10,000 at the end of the month. Some public health experts believe that more than 90 percent of Omicron confirmed cases are mild or asymptomatic. Now, everyone is afraid of quarantine, rather than infection. Experts recommend that isolation can be shortened to five days for those who have received three vaccine doses. Or, screening tests can replace quarantine instead.

Chen Hsiu-hsi, Professor, College of Public Health, National Taiwan University: “Home isolation time for confirmed cases can be shortened. The second is our contact tracing of confirmed cases must be very precise. We may slowly not have to contact trace those with three vaccine doses anymore.”

Experts emphasized that the focus should be on severe cases and mortality rates. Presently, the top priority is to increase the coverage rate of three vaccine doses for the elderly, prepare oral antiviral drugs, and strengthen the separation of mild and severe patients. Only in this way can medical resources be ensured to provide timely care for critically ill patients.












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