Holes in Rail Fences Found in Yilan Township 宜頭城鐵軌圍網有洞 農民圖方便違法闖越

Residents of Yilan’s Toucheng Township discovered that there were holes in the fences surrounding the tracks that allowed people to pass, which,could end up affecting train safety.

There is a big hole in the fence surrounding the train tracks. A pathway has also been marked out. The path used by people crossing this way is clearly imprinted on the ground. Residents of Yilan’s Toucheng Township recently discovered holes in the fences surrounding train tracks. Many farmers use the holes to get from their homes to their farms on the other side of the tracks. It’s dangerous, but farmers say they're careful.

Farmer: “The farms were here before the rail tracks were laid. The tracks were then fenced in. Are they obstructing our farming, or are we obstructing transport?”

There have been numerous rail accidents in recent years, and residents asked why the holes weren’t patched up. After all, trespassers could end up injuring themselves and causing train accidents. Some residents say Taiwan Railways should address this problem immediately. The police say that people found to be trespassing on rail tracks can be fined under the Railway Act.

Lo Yen-ping, Chief, Yilan Station, Railway Police Bureau: “If they are found in violation of the regulations, then they will be fined NT$10,000 to NT$15,000 in accordance with Article 70 of the Railway Act.”

Taiwan Railways said it generally erects fences along tracks, but sometimes they may become damaged and they will be mended. It also posts signs reminding people that crossing tracks and destroying property are prohibited.