2 High School Students Posing as TRA Trainee Drivers 高中生穿台鐵制服欲闖駕駛室 謊稱見習

Two high school students in central Taiwan recently tried to perform a con by posing as Taiwan Railways Administration trainee drivers to ask for free train rides. The train conductor caught them and the TRA has submitted a letter to their school requesting discipline for misconduct. 

Train drivers are essential for safe passenger rides. It has recently been reported in Taoyuan that two high school students posed as Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) trainee drivers to ask for free train rides. They almost made it into the cab even.

Resident nearby school: “This is not proper behavior. ( Reporter: “Do you think it's crazy?”) Yeah it's pretty crazy.”

Resident nearby school: “So pointless. Teenagers just like to have fun.”

Investigation from the TRA revealed that these two high school students, fully dressed in TRA train driver uniforms, got onto the train at Ershui station on the 16th. The two explained that they were trainee drivers from TRA's Kaohsiung locomotive depot and asked for a ride to Changhua station. Their plans went sour after being guided to the outer pathway to the cab. The train conductor soon realized it was a con while conversing with the two "trainee drivers" since they could not offer any more details about anything.

Mr. Hung, Division director, Ching-hua High school: “Current school activities do not seem to fulfill their curiosities, so they probably wanted a real-life experience.”

One of the students is from Ching-hua High School in Taoyuan. Ching-hua is known for specialized courses on rail transport and there are many TRA train cars on display on the campus. School officials say they will further work on disciplining students and a penalty will be given for misconduct. TRA said they chose not to report to the police and instead submitted a formal letter to the school asking for proper discipline.