Passengers Discover Snake on Train 台鐵自強號列車上有蛇 緊急疏散旅客

A snake was found on Taiwan Railway's Tze-Chiang Limited Express from Miaoli to Hualien. 

A snake about one meter long climbed on the handrail of the train carriage, frightening passengers. The snake was discovered at 8:19 a.m. on the 18th on Taiwan Railway's Tze-Chiang Limited Express no. 272 from Miaoli to Hualien. 

It was found in the 12th train compartment after passing Ruifang Station. The snake was found climbing on the luggage rack and the train conductor was quickly notified.

Witness: “What was the situation when you found the snake? I found the snake while handing over the bag. Sorry, the train is about to leave the station.”

Taiwan Railways evacuated passengers to another carriage and notified the Yilan Fire Bureau. When the train stopped at Yilan Station, firefighters boarded the train to remove the snake. Firefighters confirmed the snake was a python and was not poisonous. The snake was immediately caught and placed in the cage. People suspected that it was a pet snake because it was not aggressive.

Wu Yu-hsuan, Deputy Captain, Yilan Fire Brigade: “This snake is probably a pet snake. Pythons are less aggressive.”

Hsu Min-chieh, Yilan Transportation Section, Taiwan Railway: “Snakes cannot be taken on trains. In fact, this is part of railway transportation rules. They should have been blocked at the train station.”

According to Article 46 of Taiwan Railway's Passenger Transport Contract, passengers are not allowed to bring snakes, birds, or aggressive pets on board. Otherwise, a fine of NT$1,500 to NT$7,500 can be imposed in accordance with the Railway Act. Taiwan Railway is currently still investigating where the snake came from. 








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