Expects Taiwan to Be Chaotic This Week: Ko 柯:居隔多恐癱瘓社會機能 本週全台會大亂

Taipei City mayor and deputy mayor are currently self-quarantine at home. Mayor Ko Wen-je said he is worried as the number of people quarantined increases, social institutions may be paralyzed as a result. 

People exercising outdoors should be naturally more careful as the epidemic spreads. A New Taipei man went out to play basketball with friends even after he was diagnosed with the virus. He kept posting updates on Instagram Stories during the entire time. Some netizens couldn't stand the violation and took screenshots to report the case. Now, the New Taipei Health Department has decided to impose heavy penalties.

Kao Shi-chi, Spokesperson, Health Department, New Taipei: “He is a subject of our home quarantine care program, so he must be quarantined at home in his own room. He is already diagnosed with the virus. He went out without permission, knowing that he was diagnosed. And he also openly posted his actions online, which is a serious challenge to the government's public authority. After considering all the circumstances, we decided to fine him NT$1.5 million.”

This man from New Taipei's Sanxia received a positive PCR test on April 14. He was supposed to be quarantined at home but did not comply with epidemic prevention regulations. He did not shy away from his time outside playing basketball and shopping, as he posted on his Instagram feed. Due to the serious violations, the health department forcibly transferred him to a centralized quarantine center and fined him NT$1.5 million. 

Taipei City, which is also severely affected by the epidemic, launched a pilot home care program on April 18. Mayor Ko Wen-je and Deputy Mayor Huang Shan-shan are currently in quarantine at home because they came in contact with a confirmed case. They are holding epidemic prevention meetings by video conference.

Ko Wen-je, Taipei Mayor: “It is very clear to me there will be chaos in Taiwan this week. Think about it. Now there are 60,000 people quarantined at home. How much effort will be spent to take care of these 60,000 people?”

More and more people are being quarantined as the number of confirmed cases continues to rise. Mayor Ko worries that social institutions may be paralyzed as a result.