School Suspension Changes Confuse Parents 教部新規 令學校停.復課日一改再改

According to the new standards, Tainan's Daciao Elementary School was supposed to resume school on the 14th. But the city's Education Bureau continued to suspend classes until the 18th. The changing policy has angered the parents.

Classes at Daciao Elementary School were originally supposed to resume on the 14th. However, the Tainan City Education Bureau suspended the whole school until the 18th. Parents complained about the changing policy.

Parent: “Yes, of course, it's a hassle. Some were already prepared, like the school's teachers.”

Parent: “It's a hassle more or less. But I think there are so many factors to consider. When you feel like it's a hassle, I think it's still best just to follow policy.”

To be honest, I find the policy to be quite a hassle if they let the school continue to close like this. I've already told my company that I can go back to work today. But then in the afternoon, they suddenly said children should continue to stay at home. Five teachers and students at Daciao Elementary School were diagnosed with the virus. According to the previous rules, the school should suspend classes from the 9th to the 18th. Due to new policy standards, the school was to resume earlier on the 14th. However, due to doubts from the community, the Education Bureau took a compromise approach and continued to suspend classes until the 18th. Parents who have difficulties taking leave to take care of their children can still send them to school. This approach takes into account the needs of those with different opinions.

Chen Tsung-yang, Director, Student Affairs, Counseling and School Safety division, Tainan Education Bureau: “Classes will continue to be suspended until April 18. Some parents during this time may need to return to work and are unable to stay at home with the child. They can send their child to school. Our school will also provide lunch for the children, academic study, and guidance.”

The epidemic continues to spread, but to avoid affecting children's right to education, the central government decided to relax school suspension standards. The standards are different in each county and city, which is troubling to parents.