Yang-Tze High School Student Confirmed with COVID-19 虎尾揚子高中學生確診 今篩檢1167師生

Over 1,000 teachers and students from Huwei's Yang-Tze High School were screened after a student tested positive for COVID-19. Classes will also be suspended for 10 days to prevent the epidemic from spreading. 

Students gathered outside the activity center on the morning of the 8th to receive PCR tests one by one. There were two new confirmed cases on the 7th in Yunlin County. One of which was a student from Huwei's Yang-Tze High School. In order to prevent the further spread of the transmission chain, the county's health bureau cooperated with three hospitals in the county to conduct screenings at the school.

Chao Yueh-tsung, Director, Medical Affairs Section, Health Bureau, Yunlin County: “The confirmed student got infected from his travels. Of course, this virus is more contagious so we are carrying out preventive screening to protect students and our staff.”

The Health Bureau stated that the confirmed student attends Yang-Tze High School and lives in Douliu City. He was originally quarantined due to possible contact with another confirmed case during his travels. His PCR test returned positive on the 6th and was quickly arranged to be treated in a hospital isolation ward. The student's entire class will be suspended from attending school for 10 days starting on the 6th.

Chung Yueh-o, Principal, Yang-Tze High School: “Those who came in contact with the confirmed student will be quarantined for 10 days. Our county government has been very proactive in regards to other students who did not come into contact with the confirmed student. In order to alleviate the doubts of parents and our community, we are carrying out a comprehensive, general screening of teachers, students, and staff on the 8th.”

The Health Bureau stated that a total of 1,167 staff and students were screened. The preventive screening was carried out even though none of them had direct contact with the confirmed case, in order to prevent the epidemic's spread. PCR test results will be released within 24 hours.