Pingtung Christian Hospital Nurse Confirmed with COVID-19 屏基1護理師確診 今門診停診一天清消

Outpatient clinics in Pingtung Christian Hospital were closed on the 8th for disinfections after a nurse was diagnosed with COVID-19. Relevant medical staff, patients, and those who visited the hospital on the 6th and 7th will also get tested. 

The nurses were busy disinfecting the chairs and the waiting hall after a nurse at Pingtung Christian Hospital was diagnosed with COVID-19. This nurse came back to work after the long vacation, but was confirmed with the virus on the evening of the 7th. The confirmed nurse worked on three different floors. Thus, the hospital quickly notified all relevant medical staff for testing and announced outpatient service would be suspended for a day on the 8th.

Patient: “I'm here to get medicine. What will you do now that services have been suspended for a day? I'll have to wait until next Monday.”

Patient: “I need to draw blood once every three months. It's been a while and it's almost time for my blood test again.”

Only the hospital's emergency room operated normally on the 8th. The suspension of services is estimated to affect about one to two thousand patients and accompanying family members. The hospital sent a text message at 5 a.m., hoping that patients wouldn't come to the hospital in vain.  An emergency window was also set up at the hospital for patients to receive medication. At the same time, the patients who left the hospital on the 8th were required to do a PCR test.

Liu Ssu-yuan, Vice Superintendent, Pingtung Christian Hospital: “We have not heard of a request yet from patients to transfer to another hospital due to the spread of the virus here at Pingtung Christian Hospital. And like I just mentioned, all personnel in the buildings you see behind me will be screened today.”

When will outpatient clinics resume? The hospital said it would make rolling adjustments based on screening results. The epidemic situation is not only tense in Pingtung. The drive-thru screening station next to Kaohsiung's Lite Baseball Stadium is full of cars and motorcycles. The number of confirmed cases has increased from the Ago restaurant transmission cluster. The city government has set up 7 screening stations and issued 6,000 text messages, informing people who overlapped with the confirmed case to come for screening as soon as possible. Kaohsiung City hopes that the efforts can stop the epidemic from spreading further.