Study Finds Corylin Can Prolong Lives 「補骨脂寧」可有效延壽 長庚研究登國際期刊

A research team from Chang Gung University recently found that Chinese medicine ingredient corylin is capable of extending lives.

This is P. corylifolia, a Chinese traditional medicine ingredient. It contains corylin, which a research team from Chang Gung University has confirmed has life prolonging properties. An international periodical has affirmed the results, raising the profile of Chinese medicine. The team has also filed for patents.

Chen Chin-chuan, Assoc. Professor, Grad. Institute of Natural Products, CGU: “P. corylifolia contains many compounds, and we appraised the composition of 22 purified compounds. We discovered that it contains a compound called corylin, which can prolong life.”

The team found that corylin extended the life expectancy of mice on high-fat diets by 20 to 30 percent. Humans have an average life expectancy of 75, so it's equivalent to extending it to 90 to 97.5.

Chen Chin-chuan, Assoc. Professor, Grad. Institute of Natural Products, CGU: “Corylin not only prolongs life, but it also gives you a healthy long life. That's why we think this is a pretty important discovery, and it has been affirmed internationally.”

The team said that mice that consumed corylin lived longer lives and had lower levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood sugar. They also displayed improved exercise capacity and muscle strength, allowing for healthy aging. The team's long-term goal is to develop medications to treat aging-associated diseases. No clinical trials have been performed, so the public is discouraged from purchasing and using corylin on their own.