Two 10th Army Command Soldiers Test Positive 精忠營區2役男確診 嘉義衛局追查感染源

On the first work day after the long weekend, huge crowds descended on vaccination stations in Taichung. The Chiayi County Department of Health, meanwhile, is testing the contacts of two infected 10th Army Command soldiers.

All of the people in line here at Taichung's Wenxin Forest Park are waiting to get vaccinated. The spike in cases since the beginning of the month, with the number of new domestic cases hitting a high for the year of 281 on April 6, has motivated many to get vaccinated.

Mr. Hsiao, Taichung Resident: “I'm about to get my third dose. I'll feel safer after I've had my third dose, and it'll help protect other people too.”

Ms. Hsieh, Taichung Resident: “The number of cases keeps going up, and it makes you more and more anxious. So I want to get vaccinated as soon as possible.”

Temple pilgrimage participants and workers in adult entertainment venues are being required to get three vaccine doses. Due to increased demand, Taichung opened eight additional vaccination stations around the city on the 6th with no appointments required. Its community testing stations will also remain open until the 8th.

Hsu Chiung-wen, Specialist, Health Bureau, Taichung City: “The health bureau will open new vaccination stations if needed. To lower community transmission risk, the bureau will also set up community testing stations for people whose footprints overlapped with (known cases).”

Two 10th Army Command soldiers at Chiayi's Jingzhong Base tested positive on the 5th after complaining of symptoms. The local health department is in the process of administering PCR tests to their contacts.

Chan Kuo-yi, Spokesperson, 10th Army Command: “As soon as we were notified, we followed Ministry of National Defense and local government protocols and had the (soldiers) quarantined. The base has been disinfected.”

The Chiayi County Department of Health says it is investigating how the two soldiers got infected.