Keelung Mayor Lin Yu-chang Ends Quarantine 基隆市長林右昌今解隔 愛心篩啟動

Keelung City Mayor Lin Yu-chang is the first local government head to be quarantined in the country, because of contact with a confirmed case. He returned to work on April 5. 

Chen Ming-kai, Chungwen Borough Chief, Renai District, Keelung City: “Then there's no way. Sorry, because this is not on the roster. It can't be distributed like this.”

Keelung's distribution of rapid screening tests started at 1:30 p.m. The borough chief broadcasted early in the morning to remind residents that the number of screening tests was limited.

Chen Ming-kai, Chungwen Borough Chief, Renai District, Keelung City: “There are 95 screening tests in total. First come first serve until they are all gone.”

Chen Ming-kai, Chungwen Borough Chief, Renai District, Keelung City: “There are 903 residents in the borough over seven years old. I've been allotted 95 tests for elderly residents. There are a lot of phone inquiries already. But I tell them distribution is all according to the city government's regulations. Residents can only receive the tests after 1:30 p.m.”

Resident, Chungwen Borough: “(Do you want to get a test?) Yes. I'll pick it up later when I'm free. Otherwise, I'll go look for our borough chief, who's very close. We live next door. (Are you afraid you can't get a test?) It doesn't matter if I can't get one now. I'll just go again later.”

There are also Keelung residents who don't want to get a screening test.

Mr. Yang, Resident, Chungwen Borough: “I don't want to receive a test. (Why?) I have to poke myself, which is uncomfortable. And I don't understand how to read the results.”

The plan, called working hand-in-hand screening, will distribute more than 130,000 rapid screening tests to Keelung residents in a timely manner. The tests are not compulsory and people can collect them voluntarily. The main purpose is so people can strengthen their self-health monitoring.

Lin Yu-chang, Keelung City Mayor: “The most important purpose is that we are hoping this plan will improve everyone's ability to monitor their own health. The third point is to identify the source of infection in the community, hoping to be able to break the infection chain.”

Keelung Mayor Lin Yu-chang, who was quarantined for ten days due to short-term contact with a confirmed case, returned to city hall for work. His first task was to continue strengthening various epidemic prevention measures. There are still many clustering risks in Keelung. For example, a newly confirmed case at a Keelung nursery center, was infected by a logistics cluster case. In addition, Case 24556 went to Keelung Christian Xinyi Church on both March 30 and April 1, which is also listed as a priority by epidemic prevention officials. 







崇文里里長陳明楷表示:「903位的里民 ,7歲以上的那目前我是分配到95劑給長者來做施打(口誤,應為採檢),那目前詢問電話已經蠻多的,但是我都跟他們講要照那個市政府的規定,就是一點半以後才開始來領取。」

基隆市仁愛區崇文里民說:「(記者:有想要領嗎?) 會喔,看看我待會有空就去領,不然我找我們里長,很近啊,我們在外面住隔壁鄰居這邊而已,住在這邊而已啊 (記者:會怕說領不到嗎?),領不到,領不到我們再來去也是沒關係啊。」