Car Speed Drops to 10KMs/HR at Freeway Intersection 國三轉國五連接道 時速低於10公里

Qingming Festival starts on April 2. It is reported that car speed is already less than 10 kilometers per hour where Freeway 3 connects to Freeway 5.

Strong gusts blew the entire row of trees and they kept shaking as the cold air front arrived on Friday. The Central Weather Bureau issued a special warning of strong winds, which will affect areas north of Tainan, the East Coast, and Kinmen and Matsu areas. Residents are asked to pay attention to strong wind gusts of magnitude 9 to 11. The temperature gets colder later into the night, and especially during the weekend, with the cloud and rain system moving eastward. This is when wet and cold weather will be most obviously felt.

Lin Ping-yu, Director, Weather Forecast Center, CWB: “The rain will be relatively more and the temperature will be lower. So this time is on Saturday and Sunday, everywhere will feel a little bit colder.”

The CWB reminds everyone that the temperature will drop significantly over the weekend, with a low of 14 degrees in the north and 16 to 17 degrees in the south and the East Coast. Moisture will lessen from Monday to Tuesday and the temperature will rise. But the temperature will still hover around 20 degrees during the day and evening. Weather experts reminded that the western half of Taiwan region is prone to dense fog due to the rising temperature during the holiday's close. The public should pay special attention to the weather conditions.

Chia Hsin-hsing, Weather Expert (Footage courtesy of Chia Hsin-hsing): “There is a chance of fog in Central and Southern Taiwan from April 4 to April 6 during the evening and early morning. So drivers should pay extra attention.”

Car speed is already less than 10 kilometers per hour where Freeway 3 connects to Freeway 5 in the Nangang area. The Freeway Bureau estimates hotel reservations in Yilan and the East Coast are 70 percent full during the holiday period. It is estimated that there will be a large number of tourist vehicles on Freeway 5.

Yu I-yun, Traffic Reporter: “Southbound on Freeway 5 will see heavy traffic starting from 9 to 10 a.m. There will be portions where the speed is lower than 40 km/hour. This situation will last late into the night.”

Freeway 5 will be congested on the first day of the holiday on April 2. The Freeway Bureau recommends that drivers who want to go southbound on Freeway 5 should preferably set off before 5 a.m. or after 5 p.m. Drivers going southbound on freeways in the western half of Taiwan are recommended to start driving after 12 p.m. 












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