More than Ten New COVID-19 Cases Reported in Taoyuan 桃園傳增本土逾10例 共10校3補習班停課

COVID-19 infection continues to spread in Taoyuan. At present, there are ten local confirmed cases including students and teachers. A total of ten schools and three cram schools have been ordered to suspend classes for seven to ten days.

The rise in COVID-19 infection continues in Taoyuan. The news comes that many students have tested positive. The Taoyuan education department made an emergency announcement on April 1 that schools will be off for seven to ten days for various elementary schools, vocational high schools, kindergartens, and cram schools with positive cases found. One professor and a student at Chung Yuan Christian University have also been confirmed with COVID-19 and school will be off for ten days. A total of ten schools and three cram schools have been ordered to stop school temporarily.

A vocational high school principal in Zhongli District: “Taoyuan's Department of Public Health will directly contact students and teachers from this certain class who have come in close contact with COVID-19 cases and update them on what to do next. The school will provide students and teachers in other classes with rapid test kits, according to orders from the health department.”

Parent in Taoyuan: “( Reporter: “When did you get notified to come in for PCR tests?”) This morning. (This morning, did you know that school is going to be off for a while?) Yeah, starting today. (Starting today, are you worried?) Yeah, of course, I haven't experienced this before.”

More than ten COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in Taoyuan on April 1. The city government has been doing contact tracing and reported that quarantined workers from the earlier Datan Power Plant COVID-19 cluster have been tested negative for the second round.

Cheng Wen-tsan, Taoyuan City Mayor: “There have been a couple of infections reported from an e-commerce platform workshop today, and infection cases seemed to have come in contact with people at schools. We'll offer more detail today during the 2 p.m. press conference.”

Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan said that schools will be off for 10 days for all students and teachers in classes with confirmed cases found and they need to do PCR tests during quarantine. For other classes that do not have direct contact with confirmed cases, school will be off for seven days. Individuals would need to do either PCR or rapid tests depending on the development of the infections at school. 









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