50% of Yilan Market Vendors Accept e-Payments 宜市傳統市場.夜市 5成店家加入行動支付

E-payment has been slowing making its way in traditional and night market, where vendors used to prefer cash as they didn't want to be taxed. The percentage of e-payment has gone up to 50 percent in Yilan since the epidemic started.

Since the epidemic began, more and more traditional and night market vendors in Yilan have begun accepting e-payments. Before then, many vendors chose to abstain for tax reasons.

Kuan Hsiao-ching, Director, Yilan City Market Management Office: “Both vendors and consumers still prefer using cash, so it's been difficult to promote (mobile payments).”

Of Yilan's 600-plus market vendors, 307 are now accepting mobile payments. However, just 20-30 percent of night market customers pay with apps. The rate is just 10 percent at traditional markets due to the higher average age of shoppers.

Senior Citizen: “I've never used it. I've never used (a mobile payment app). I'm old.”

Citizen: “Of course, if -- in general, vendors don't offer this kind of service.”

Seniors simply aren't used to using their phones to make payments. The Yilan Market Management Office plans to set up teaching stations around markets in the future for seniors to boost usage rates.  It also says mobile payments come with benefits including not needing to make change and decreasing the chances of counterfeit money being passed around.