Tainan Cracking Down on COVID-19 Violations at Entertainment Venues 台南稽查110處八大場所 74人違反防疫規定

The CECC issued an order requiring all customers attending "adult entertainment facilities" to be immunized with a third COVID vaccine dose. Violators will be fined up to NT$15,000. 

Those who haven't had two shots of COVID-19 vaccination hid in the stairwell, but the police found them in time. The Central Epidemic Command Center announced on the 27th that all those who visit "adult entertainment facilities" such as karaoke bars, dance halls, nightclubs, and tea houses, must have had three shots of vaccination. In Tainan, police spot-checked 110 of these facilities on the night of the 26th and found 74 people who either have not completed contact tracing registration upon entering or had only had 1 shot of COVID-19 vaccination or none at all. Police reported to the Tainan Public Heath Bureau for penalty arrangement.

Huang Wei-che, Tainan City Mayor: “Some people did not complete contact registration because they didn't want their wives or bosses to know where they have been. We will definitely crack down on this, however. We will for sure severely punish those who don't complete contact registrations.”

Tainan City Mayor Huang Wei-che again urged citizens to take a booster shot as soon as possible. Huang also said that Tainan will follow suit as to when to relax mask-wearing rules by the central government's announcements. Kaohsiung Xinxing Precinct police also caught a violator who works at the facility but has not yet received a third dose of vaccine.

Police Officer: “You don't have any ID on you. Showing us a picture is not enough; we can't prove that that's you. ”

Wang Yu-chuan, Administration Chief, Kaohsiung Xinxing Precinct: “This worker received the second dose three months ago and has not yet received a third dose. We made a record of this situation and told the worker that a third dose is required before returning to work. ”

Police across the nation are firmly requiring adult entertainment facilities and their customers to abide by the epidemic prevention measures. Violators will be fined anywhere between NT$3000 to NT$15,000.