Ukraine War Affects Taitung Seedling Farm 戰火影響 台東種苗場花卉銷俄.烏頻遭退

A seedling farm in Taitung has become a victim of Ukrain -Russia war. It sells improved varieties of flowers to more than 100 countries, with shipments sent to Ukraine and Russia having been frequently returned.

Taitung farmer Tang Chi-hsiang explained to customers that various colors of amaryllis and hibiscus have been developed. Different colors of amaryllis developed by his seedling farm are very popular in Eastern European countries. Tang said that such flowers cannot grow in the climate of Eastern European countries, so they bought a lot of flowers from Taiwan. However, shipping has been affected in recent months due to the war. Not only can't seedlings be exported, but even seeds sent to Ukraine and Russia by international mail are also successively returned. Some Russian and Ukrainian buyers have canceled their orders directly online, which has affected the seedling farm's income.

Li Wen-hsiung, Deputy Manager, Taitung Post Office: “We have suspended international airmail service to Ukraine since February 25. And starting March 2, we will suspend international mail service to Russia.”

Tang Chi-hsiang, Farmer, Flower Seedling Farm: “In fact, our Russian and Ukrainian customers together account for about 30 percent of our business. Every single one of them buys an average of NT$10,000 to NT$20,000 per order. Now if two or three of our customers don't buy, it greatly impacts us each month.”

Tang said that Russia accounts for more than 20 percent of his annual sales, while Ukraine is less than 10 percent. Total annual sales are about NT$600,000 to NT$700,000. Tang has also seen financial losses in the past two years due to shipping being affected by the pandemic. Now, losses have expanded as the Russia-Ukraine war has been going on for a month. He did not expect that he would become an indirect victim of the war, living as far away as Taitung. He only hopes the war will end soon.