Support for Const. Amdment to Lower Voting Age to 18 Approved 立院通過「18歲公民權修憲案」 交公民複決

Taiwan lawmakers have voted unanimously to lower the voting age from 20 to 18. The question of lowering the voting and candidacy age will now go to a popular referendum, which is likely to take place at the end of this year.

Lawmakers wearing high school uniforms show their support for lowering the voting age to 18. Lawmakers voted on the constitutional amendment on the 25th, calling for support across the board from all parties.

Wang Wan-yu, Legislator (NPP): “The voting age must be lowered to 18 so that civil rights can correspond (to the population). I also hope Taiwan can continue amending the constitution. ”

Chiu Chen-yuan, Legislator (TPP): “We also call on all parties to return to rationalism and pragmatism and to give young people their rights back. ”

Under constitutional amendment regulations, three-fourths or 85 legislators had to be in attendance during discussions and three-fourths of the 85 or 64 had to vote in favor. The Democratic Progressive Party holds 61 seats and two other seats are held by green-leaning opposition lawmakers, and the amendment could not be passed if Kuomintang lawmakers did not show up. Before the vote, DPP caucus whip Ker Chien-ming demanded that pan-blue lawmakers not be "constitutional amendment deserters."

Tseng Ming-chung, KMT Caucus Whip: “After a great deal of discussion and evaluation, the Kuomintang will vote in favor of lowering the voting age to 18.”

Ker Chien-ming, DPP Caucus Whip: “Don't say we support lowering the voting age to 18. And then, but don't tie in other cases. This is our final call to the KMT. I also welcome everyone to finish amending the constitution together.”

KMT caucus whip Tseng Ming-chung said after deliberations ended that the party supports lowering the voting age despite sentiments that the DPP wants to lower the age for its own selfish purposes. With the proposal to lower the voting age to 18 passed, there will now be a six-month advisory period before a referendum is held. This is the seventh constitutional amendment to make it out of the legislature since 2005.










18歲公民權修憲案可望順利送出立法院,公告半年後交付公民複決。這也是自 2005年通過第七次,也是距今最後一次修憲後,再度有修憲案成案。

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