Mongolian-Registered Freighter Sinks Off Taichung 蒙古籍貨輪台中外海沉沒 7人獲救1失聯

A freighter sank off the coast of Taichung on March 22 after suffering an engine malfunction. Eight crew members jumped into the sea and seven were rescued.

Coast Guard ships press ahead despite the inclement weather. The view from the cockpit showed that the weather conditions were poor. On March 22, a Mongolia-registered cargo ship developed engine problems and began listing. It then sank into the waters 48 nautical miles from the Port of Taichung. The eight crew members abandoned the ship, and seven, all Indonesian nationals, were rescued. The last one, a Taiwan national, remains missing and the Coast Guard has launched a search.

Huang Kuo-an, Chief, Central Sector Flotilla, CGA: “Coast Guard ships are continuing with the search and rescue operation. We have presently sent one large ship and three small vessels with 57 personnel for this operation.”

A National Airborne Service Corps helicopter plucked the seven Indonesian crew members from the water on March 22 and delivered them to a hospital. All are in stable condition. The NASC sent another helicopter on March 23 to help in the search for the last crew member but it had to turn back due to low visibility resulting from a thunderstorm.

Lin Kuo-chiang, Unit Chief, Third Branch, Second Brigade, NASC: “The weather was very poor. There was a thunderstorm in the central region, so they had to turn back before they reached the target area. The cloud cover was too low, so the visibility was very poor.”

The Maritime and Port Bureau's Central Maritime Affairs Center said it sent out a notice on March 22. It also said the freighter sank outside of Taiwan's territorial waters. The water there is sufficiently deep. It will assess whether the shipwreck will affect navigation or result in contamination and decide whether to ask the ship owner to salvage it.









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