Teacher at Beigang Senior High in Yunlin Tested Positive 北港高中師二採陽 全校8百師生緊急採檢

The COVID-19 cluster from a wedding banquet in Chiayi is now affecting schools in Yunlin County, with more than 90 students and faculty member undergoing home isolation.

Students lined up in front of the gym at 9:30 a.m. waiting to get tested. One of the teachers at National Beigang Senior High School is a family member of a COVID-19 positive case that is linked to the wedding banquet cluster in Chiayi. The teacher turned positive on the second PCR test. A total of 91 students and teachers are currently under quarantine for ten days while other 800 students and staff are quickly getting tested.

Chiang Yao-chi, Principal, National Beigang Senior High School: “The National Taiwan University Hospital Yunlin Branch is assisting us with the rapid tests. Homerooms and classes affected will be off tomorrow as we have professionals conducting thorough disinfection at the school.”

The Yunlin County Government said that students and staff from four other schools in Yunlin have also had contact with COVID-19 positive cases linked to the wedding banquet cluster. These four schools include Feisha, Shuitsanlin, Shalun, and Lunbei elementary schools. No positive cases have been found so far but school is off for them currently to prevent possible transmission.

Chang Li-shan, Yunlin County Magistrate: “We are taking utmost precaution in preventing COVID-19 in our community. If we do spot positive cases we will conduct PCR tests and large-scale disinfection as soon as possible. We would like to remind all students and school staff to please quarantine at home if any COVID-19 symptoms are experienced.”

The Yunlin County Government further announced that schools within the county would be required to stop classes for ten days if any positive case is found. If one-third of the schools within the county find positive cases then all schools within the county should stop classes for a period of time in order to prevent further spread.