Court Hands Down Death Sentence for Student Killer 馬國女大生遭擄殺棄屍案 嫌一審判死刑

Last October, a Malaysian student was killed in Tainan. On Mar. 18, the court handed down a death sentence for her killer. The defendant can appeal.

Last October, a Malaysian student was raped and killed near an underpass in Tainan. The Ciaotou District Court has handed down a death sentence and deprived the killer of his civil liberties. He also received two years for abandonment of a dead body.

Yang Chih-shou, Ciaotou District Court Official: “(The judge) felt that the first attempt kind of went unnoticed and so he got more daring.”

The court said the defendant, surnamed Liang, previously tried to harm another female student but she managed to escape. The Malaysian student was raped and killed near the same spot one month later. To date, Liang maintains the death was accidental. Psychologists believe his recidivism rate would be over 50 percent.

Yang Chih-shou, Ciaotou District Court Official: “Our professional forensic experts believe his recidivism rate for another sexual or violent crime is over 50 percent within the next 15 years.”

Victim's Mother: “If you kill someone, you have to pay with your life. I wanted a death sentence, so I'm satisfied with the ruling. I know there will be appeals and this isn't the end of it.”

The mother of the victim, contacted by phone, said she believes in an eye for an eye. A previous sentence of two years and 10 months against Liang for planning to commit a crime was combined with the death sentence. Liang can appeal.

Huang Wei-cher, Tainan City Mayor: “(As of now), it's really hard to forgive him. So, I would respect a death sentence.”

The city government says it respects the court's decision. The Malaysian student's school, meanwhile, said it would help her parents settle her affairs and it has opened a campus security center and formed patrol teams.