Donations to Ukraine Exceed NT$600m and 4,000 Boxes 台人熱心援烏 善款超過6億.物資逾4千箱

Both Taiwan government and the private sectors are ramping up their effort to help Ukraine. To date, Taiwanese people have donated over NT$ 60 million, as well as 4,000 boxes of collected necessities. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also announced the second wave of refugee assistance initiation, and that it plans to relax restrictions on visitations from Ukraine to Taiwan.

Donator: “Taiwanese are very compassionate so if Ukraine needs help, we all would gladly help. ”

The volunteers are busy organizing boxes and boxes of donated goods, while the basement is already filled with boxes. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs' initiation of a donation drive for Ukrainian refugees has been responded to with enthusiasm. Not only did trucks come one after another, people actually personally brought over diapers, formula milk, and blankets, hoping to contribute to this cause.

Donator: “I saw on the news that many children are hurt so I was very concerned that they do not have diapers. I also saw that other people donated strollers so I felt that I wanted to contribute somehow, to help support and encourage the mothers over there.”

Donator: “Russia is a bit too oppressive they should not have started a war. It's terrible, so we feel really bad for the refugees and figured maybe we can donate some blankets.”

Statistics from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs show that to date, they have received over 4,000 boxes of goods with over 2,000 people personally bringing items over. Moreover, many businesses have followed suit, including a Kaohsiung pharmaceutical company that donated one ton of antibiotics and other meds. The donation account established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has received over NT$600 million.

Yang Syin-yi, Director-General, Dept. of Western Asia and African Affairs, MOFA: “The first donation is NT$100 million, which will be allocated by the Taipei Representative Office in Poland to the designated Polish authority.”

The Ministry of Foreign affairs announced on March 15 that the second wave of assistance will include $6.5 million to Poland, $1.5 million to Slovakia, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia respectively, and $500,000 to Lithuania, totaling $11.5 million to be used in assisting the refugees in these five nations. In addition, the government has relaxed on a case-by-case basis the restrictions governing visitations to Taiwan from Ukrainian family members. There have been about 10 cases in consultation. President Tsai Ing-wen again reiterated her position in supporting Ukraine.

Tsai Ing-wen, ROC President: “...also been deeply moved by the Ukrainian people's resolve in defending their country and their democratic way of life. By speaking all together against the invasion of Ukraine, we stand united behind the values that we share.”

President Tsai Ing-wen emphasized on International Holocaust Remembrance Day that if Taiwan cannot learn from past mistakes, history will be bound to repeat itself. Ukraine is facing totalitarian oppression, so Taiwan must unite ourselves and safeguard the fundamental values of democracy.