Reservists Take Part in Live-fire Shooting Drills 教召新制靶場內宿營 教召員生活大公開

On the 10th day of reservist training, reserve soldiers took part in live-fire shooting drills. They also camped inside the range to improve their battlefield adaptability.

On the 10th day of the reservist training camp, soldiers took part in live-fire shooting drills with T65 assault rifles. The military has soldiers camping inside the shooting range to improve their battlefield adaptability. In addition, portable showers that take three people just 45 minutes to set up can provide 120 hot showers a day. The showers have special anti-scald faucets. 

Shen Yang-che, Army Fuel Depot Officer: “They provide 120 showers. If there isn't enough water, we will get more.”

Soldiers don't have to cook their own meals. Instead, hot meals that can be heated without electricity are delivered to them. The camps are also equipped with lights. The Ministry of National Defense says soldiers have said that they feel their combat abilities and physical stamina have improved in the 10 days since the camp began.

Lee Chun-kuo, Reserve Sergeant, Army 206th Brigade: “Reserve soldiers are kind of rusty, so our training takes a longer time and the amount of ammunition we are going through is higher.”

Shih Shun-wen, Ministry of National Defense Spokesperson: “We will wrap up the program in the third quarter and conduct a comprehensive review in the fourth quarter.”

In response to former Chief of the General Staff Lee Hsi-ming's doubts about whether the program will have any effect on reserve soldiers' combat abilities, the ministry says it will review the results of the program at the end of the year.