All Overseas Taiwanese in Ukraine Evacuated, One Chose to Stay Put 第三輛專車入波蘭 旅烏台僑全撤離

A third charter bus arranged by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to evacuate Taiwanese citizens and family members from Ukraine arrived safely in Poland on Thursday evening, March 3. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education said they will provide academic assistance to overseas students returning to Taiwan.

Taiwan's government continues to evacuate overseas Taiwanese students and nationals still in Ukraine. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs arranged a third charter bus on the night of the 3rd, to carry eight nationals and 13 non-Taiwanese family members of Taiwanese citizens to Poland. All Taiwanese nationals originally in Ukraine have been evacuated under the joint effort of the Taipei representative offices in Russia, Poland, and Slovakia, with the exception of one individual expressing no intention of leaving southern Ukraine. Out of the 12 students, seven are currently back in Taiwan quarantining, four stayed in Poland, while one is on the way to Hungary. The Ministry of Education said that it will arrange to have local colleges and universities accepting these students for school.

Tai Nyan-Hwa, Senior Vice President, National Tsing Hua University: “Students upon return will be accepted at schools here with no prerequisites required. Students can transfer their credits here the same way as Hong Kong students from a while ago.”

Overseas students can either apply to become a degree student, an exchange student, or as an auditing student. If the student plans to finish his or her degree in Taiwan, the local school of choice would have to review his or her academic records first in order to get approval from the Ministry of Education (MOE) for final acceptance. In other cases, exchange students at the National Tsing Hua University, for example, would not have to pay tuition and can get through with courses as long as they get a passing grade. The National Chengchi University said it will offer academic assistance to overseas students returning from Ukraine as well.

Lai Tsung-yu, Vice President for Academic Affairs, National Chengchi University: “As an exchange student, he or she will be offered the type of courses with credits that can be transferrable if he or she decides to apply to become a degree student later on. This is to prepare for any change in his or her future status.”

The National Tsing Hua University said on the 4th that many parents of overseas students returning from Ukraine have already consulted with them. Their major concern is how students can complete their degrees. The school said they also need a consultation with the MOE for proper arrangements.










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