Taiwan High Speed Rail Suspended Service 全台大停電影響 高鐵3部列車一度停駛

The power outage across Taiwan also affected both Taiwan Railway and Taiwan High Speed Railway. Three high speed trains were temporarily suspended. All of Taiwan Railway's electric trains have been completely suspended from Xinying to Fangliao. 

The timetable shows that the train is delayed for more than 10 minutes. The power outage in Taiwan also affected the operations of Taiwan Railway and Taiwan High Speed Rail. At 9:16 a.m. on the 3rd, three High Speed Rail trains were temporarily suspended. Power to the High Speed Rail has been restored and operations are normal. However, there were still some delays as of 10:30 a.m. from Taichung to Zuoying. Passengers arriving at the station anxiously asked whether the train was delayed.

Taiwan High Speed Rail Passenger: “When I called for a car ride, they said the traffic lights were out. So the Uber I called took a long time to arrive. ( Reporter: “The High Speed Rail said that some trains have stopped running or been suspended. Has this affected you?”) I don't know so I'm going to ask the High Speed Rail people. I've just arrived. So anyway there's nothing I can really do if service has stopped.”

Taiwan High Speed Rail Passenger: “I hope the government will not put this stress on the people.”

In addition, Taiwan Railway also reported all electric trains from Xinying to Fangliao, including intercity trains and local trains, were completely suspended. Only diesel trains on the South-Link Railway line were operating. This means more than 90 percent of the trains have been suspended. More than 30 stations were affected including Xinying, Liuying, Linfengying to Kaohsiung, and Pingtung. This has also affected northbound and southbound trains. The Taiwan Railway Administration has set up a response team, providing bus connections to transport passengers from Xinying to Fangliao Station.

Huang Shih-hsien, Committee Member, North District Coordination Center, TRA: “For example, the train was originally from Taipei to Kaohsiung. After it gets to Xinying, it can't go down further. The train was running during the power outage so it can't travel down further. Then we may clean this train later and for it to become a northbound train. For example, a Tze-chiang Express train will replace another train that originally starts from Kaohsiung to go north.”

A Chu-kuang Express train affected by the power outage was stuck between Jiuqutang and Pingtung, waiting for help. Taiwan Railway used a diesel powered Tze-chiang Express train to pull the Chu-kuang Express train to Pingtung Station. Taiwan Railway is still adding up the number of scheduled trains and passengers affected by the blackout.












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