Power Outage Causes Chaos in South 南部多處突大停電 店家生意停擺

Meanwhile, restaurants and convenience stores didn't know when the power would return and were afraid to open refrigerators. Many also saw a steep decline in business.

Borough Chief Broadcast: “The reason for the power outage is still under investigation. Please don't panic.”

 A borough chief walked around a community and used a loudspeaker to inform residents about the situation. A power outage struck all of Taiwan on the morning of March 3. Some stores had only opened their metal gates halfway when the power went out, forcing delivery persons to stoop in order to enter and exit. Many restaurants were afraid to open their refrigerators to prevent food from spoiling as they had no idea when the power would return. They also had no way of knowing whether they would be able to serve lunch customers.

Restaurant Proprietor: “We have no idea when the power will be back. We can only wait and see if Taipower can finish repairs quickly.”

Restaurant Proprietor: “If the power outage lasts a long time, then food in the refrigerator will completely spoil.”

At beverage shops, personnel placed ice cubes inside a big pot and put the pot in the fridge to keep the ice cold. As noon approached and temperatures rose, people were forced to seek shelter from the sun under arcades or inside convenience stores without electricity. At one cinema, the power went out less than five minutes after one film started. The audience had no choice but to leave.

Moviegoer: “The power suddenly went out halfway through the film. We had no idea what was going on. Suddenly, the emergency lights went on.”

Business at various types of establishments was impacted. There were also chaotic scenes at intersections as traffic lights were not working. Drivers didn't know whether to drive or stop. Cars even got stuck at an intersection near Kaohsiung Medical University. Kaohsiung Light Rail, Kaohsiung Metro, and Taiwan Railways all suspended services.

Kuo Sheng-nien, Deputy Stationmaster, Tainan Railway Station: “The power went out everywhere, and there was no electricity to power trains. We had to wait until Taipower restored the power.”

Chaotic scenes were reported all across Taiwan, and people's daily lives were severely impacted. Many businesses worried about the resulting losses, and said they hoped the power would be restored soon so that they could get on with their work.