14-day New Training Program with 15,000 Reservists 14天新制教召將登場 1.5萬後備軍人參與

F. Kao
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The Russia-Ukrain conflict serves as a reminder that a country must display its strength and self-reliance when facing enemies. That's why the Ministry of National Defense is dertermined to strengthen its combat capabilities by offering a new 14-day training program starting on March 5, with a total of 15,000 reservists participating. The trials will be conducted from 1st to 3rd quarters this year, with an end-of-term assessment in the 4th quarter.  

The Russia-Ukraine conflict has resulted in global outrage and realization that to deter enemies from starting a war, one must display one's strength and self-reliance. As such, the Ministry of National Defense intends to enhance the combat capabilities of the reserve force by implementing the new 14-day training program, in which a total of 15,000 reservists will participate. The trials will be conducted from 1st to 3rd quarter this year, with an end-of-term assessment in the 4th quarter. The first batch will begin on March 5 at the Shan Jiao Elementary school in Luzhu District, Taoyuan. Ukraine's mobilization timing, reserve force preparation, and combat mobilization play are valuable references for ROC national force.

Yu Wen-zheng, Dir., Mobilization and Mgmt. Dept., All-Out Defense Mobilization Agency: “This department will certainly study and take into consideration Ukraine's mobilization timing, their reserve force preparations, and training as well as overall combat mobilization play in planning our reserve mobilization in the future.”

To sustain routine training, the new 14-day training program will have no day-off at 10 hours per day including 2 hours of night training. Training lessons will be public, including five stages, starting with first day of strategic positioning, followed by strength review and detection, preparing arms for firing and combat-readiness training. However, the 65K2 rifles used by the reservists can hardly compare in performance to the T91 rifles used by active-duty troops, which may be of material combat capability concern.

Huang Hsin-jen, Director, Logistics Management Office, Ministry of National Defense: “62K2 rifles belong in the active-duty troop's equipment. Currently, there are still over160000 remaining, of which approximately 30000 will be used by the reservists. The rifles are archived in mobilization storage by bonding oil.”

The new training program is meant to re-familiarize the reservists with weapon operation, combining night training, outdoor camping, and other training programs. But, will the training intensity compare with active-duty troops? The Ministry of National Defense said daily marching exercise alone will exceed 10 kilometers or more.

Liu Shen-mou, Director, Office Military Training, Ministry of National Defense: “Combining outdoor camping, this constitutes a full cycle. Each training session cycle lasts 2-4 days and each strategic marching exercise will exceed 10 kilometers.”

During the new training program, mobile phone usage requirements are in line with active troops. Reservists may only use their mobile phones for two hours a day at a specified time and place in accordance with the listings.