Taiwan to Restrict Semiconductor Exports to Russia? 制裁俄羅斯 我可能以半導體出口管制

With the Russia-Ukraine situation escalating, there are reports that the US is soliciting support to bring economic sanctions against Russia. Taiwan may agree to control semiconductor exports, but so far neither the US nor the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed anything.

The Russia-Ukraine situation is heating up. According to the American journal "Foreign Policy," the Biden administration is seeking to hit Russia's economy and technology sector with sanctions and with the cooperation of Asian economic powerhouses. The report went on to say that Singapore, Taiwan, and Japan have agreed. Taiwan already cooperates strategically with the US and Japan, and may restrict semiconductor exports to Russia as a punishment.

Ned Price, Spokesperson, US Department of State: “We will escalate further using additional sanctions and export controls, which we've yet to unveil but are fully prepared to implement with allies and partners across the globe.”

Joanne Ou, Spokesperson, Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue closely monitoring developments in the Ukraine situation, and will closely coordinate with the US or other like-minded countries to carry out an appropriate response.”

The US has not officially announced any sanctions. According to public Ministry of Finance information, Taiwan's primary export to Russia in 2021 was computer equipment, and the export value was US$370 million. That was followed by electrical machinery and machinery. Semiconductor component exports were worth US$30 million. They accounted for less than 1 percent of all exports. Analysts say sanctions won't have a big impact on the industry.

Luo Huai-chia, CEO, Photonics Industry & Tech. Dev. Association: “It will have an effect, but it won't be a comprehensive one. After all, it's still quite limited in terms of the supply chain proportion.”

Liu Pei-chen, Director, Taiwan Industry Economic Services: “Between January and November last year, Russia ranked 35th on the list of countries that Taiwan exported semiconductors to. There shouldn't be too much of an impact on overall exports.”

The Taiwan Institute of Economic Research said Taiwan primarily exports semiconductors to the US, China, Europe, and Southeast Asian countries. The impact of sanctions on Russia won't be big. However, if this will improve the international visibility of Taiwan's semiconductors, it will give Taiwan a firmer foothold in the US-Japan alliance. TSMC said that if the government decides to restrict exports to Russia, it will comply.