Taiwan Only Imports Small Amounts from Ukraine 我自烏克蘭進口小麥.玉米 約占進口量1%

The Council of Agriculture says Taiwan does import corn and wheat from Ukraine, which just accounts for about 1 percent of the total volume.

Taiwan consumes huge amounts of soybeans, wheat, and corn, and is entirely reliant on imports. The primary sources are the US, Brazil, and Australia. In 2021, Taiwan imported wheat and corn from Ukraine. However, the imports only accounted for about 1 percent of the total import volume. The Council of Agriculture says Taiwan has enough inventory of the three products for the next half year between reserves and pre-orders, and the price and supply should both be stable.

Chen Chi-chung, Agriculture Minister: “Bulk cereal importers ordered in advance. We will also explain to domestic livestock businesses that the price of feed will remain at a stable level.”

Ukraine is the world's third-largest exporter of corn. If a war breaks out, then there may be an impact on global cereal supplies. The COA announced that it is working with Taiwan Sugar Corporation to expand inventories.

Chen Chi-chung, Agriculture Minister: “We are already working with Taiwan Sugar Corporation to build an inventory of at least 60,000 metric tons. This year, we will rent storehouse space to ensure that there is enough corn to meet domestic demand.”

The COA is also aiming to increase domestic production in case a war breaks out. There are currently 10,000 hectares producing silage corn for livestock, and that number will be increased to 30,000 this year, which will raise the output to 180,000 tons.