Tainan Gueidan and Guanziling Hot Spring Popular Among Visitors 氣溫驟降 台南關子嶺與龜丹溫泉住宿率高

During the cold weekend of Feb. 18 , Tainan City logged more than 60,000 visitors visiting the scenic areas with hot springs and Guanziling reached 90 percent capacity.

Nice, hot spring feels welcoming during super cold weather. Hot spring spas and resorts enjoy the best business when the temperature drops. The Gueidan Hot Spring in Tainan City is well-known as the "Beauty Spring", and visitors swarmed in during this past weekend when the island got hit by another cold front.

Hot spring goer: “It happens to be so cold recently and this place is the right place to be.”

Li Wei-cheng, Hot spring spa owner: “Hot spring comes to mind immediately for a lot of people when the weather gets cold. Hotel and resort bookings for hot springs are almost fully booked till the beginning of March. Hot spring hotels and resorts reach above 95 percent capacity during weekends and holidays.”

Lai Chin-jui, Hot spring spa owner: “It's cold and it's wet these few days particularly. Soaking in hot springs is a good way to heat up your body.”

The Guanziling Hot Spring is also popular in Tainan, well-known for its natural mud spring. Guanziling reached 90 percent capacity as well during the cold weekend.

Visitor: “It's very nice and comfortable here. (And the air) The air is clean. I like it here a lot, especially during rainy weather. It feels good. ”

Kuo Chen-hui, Director, Tainan City Tourism Bureau: “It was a great achievement this past weekend. Hotels were all 95 percent booked, some even completely booked.”

Tainan City Tourism Bureau logged more than 60,000 visitors visiting scenic areas in the River North region, Baihe, Houbi, Dongshan districts and others, and near 20,000 visitors visiting Yujing and Nanxi districts during the weekend of Feb. 18. Besides the Feb. 28 long weekend holiday, there are also Yuejin Lantern Festival and Fall in Love with Tainan Lantern Festival coming up next in Tainan. Tainan will sure stay as a hotspot for visitors all the way till the end of March.