Real Estate Agent Cluster Expanding Further 房屋代銷參加宗教聚會 群聚感染續擴大

An interior designer from New Taipei ate at a restaurant with a real estate agent from Taipei City. Two colleagues in the same workplace were diagnosed with the virus. One of the designers attended a religious association gathering on the 13th, causing another cluster infection. 

A junior high school in New Taipei City Banqiao suspended classes for three days from the 18th to the 20th. It was reported that a student at the school had contact with the Taipei City real estate agent, Case 19816, at a religious association's dinner and KTV gathering. The student is in quarantine and tested positive. A mother and son who live in New Taipei City's Sanchong District also participated in the event on the same day. Both were diagnosed with the virus. Classes at the kindergarten where the son attends school were suspended for 14 days from February 17 to March 2. Four hundred people were screened as a result.

Hou Yu-ih, New Taipei City Mayor: “We're going to test 400 people. Results from 280 people came out this morning and all were negative. 120 tests are still being tested in the lab.”

A parent from a Neihu elementary school in Taipei City also had a confirmed diagnosis. She also attended the religious association dinner. The child's PCR was negative. Forty-eight people from Taipei City were traced and went to the Taipei City Hospital Zhongxiao Branch for testing. The parent also has a child studying in a private middle school in Beitou. Currently, the child's test is negative. There are 150 teachers and students in the same grade and from the same school bus. All tests were negative on the 17th. This real estate agent's participation in the religious gathering caused the cluster infection to continue to expand.

Huang Shan-shan, Taipei City Deputy Mayor: “The designer was in Taipei. And there are three people that work together in a real estate agency. One of them participated in a religious association gathering. Now, there are 10 confirmed cases from this gathering. And with today's number, it will be about 19.”

The participation of the real estate agent in a religious gathering has led to another cluster case, all of which are related to New Taipei City's interior designers. Some of them are from Kaohsiung, and some have been to Taitung.