More Children Were Abused at Taichung Daycare Center 台中1托嬰中心涉虐童案 再傳新事證

Last year, a child abuse scandal erupted at a daycare center in Taichung's Nantun. On Feb. 18, more evidence came to light with footage of multiple teachers taking part in the abuse. Parents are accusing the Social Affairs Bureau of inaction.

This CCTV footage shows one child being slapped across the head and another being dangled upside down by their teachers. A year ago, Huaxing Daycare Center was embroiled in a child abuse scandal. On the 18th, parents say the abuse ran rampant at the center and the Social Affairs Bureau turned a blind eye to it.

Mr. H, Parent: “Our children were screamed at, thrown around, pinched, hit on their heads, and gagged so that they couldn't make any sound.”

Mr. R, Parent: “I was so mad when I saw (the footage). I want to know why, in the face of such clear evidence, nothing was ever done.”

The Taichung City Social Affairs Bureau says it was notified last February that a student had been subjected to inappropriate treatment. After reviewing CCTV footage, it fined the perpetrator, a staff member surnamed Huang, NT$60,000. Huang was banned from working at schools and childcare facilities for 10 years. It says it will expand its investigation with the new evidence that has come to light. The daycare center, which elected to shut down for a year after last year's incident, is set to reopen this August. The bureau says it will inspect the school before it reopens.

Chen Chung-liang, Deputy Director, Social Affairs Bureau, Taichung City: “If it has made improvements and we determine that they are able to live up to their responsibilities, we will allow them to reopen. If not, we won't.”

The bureau says if there is evidence that other children were also abused, the owner of the center could face fines of up to NT$600,000 even if the center is not currently operating. However, parents say the bureau covered up evidence and turned a blind eye to what was happening.