Miaoli Road 62 Suffers Landslide 泰安苗62線清晨土石坍方 雙向交通中斷

A landslide took place in Miaoli's Taian on the morning of Feb. 18, blocking the area's main access road. The township office is trying to clear the road as quickly as possible with more rain expected over the weekend.

On the 18th, excavators removed rockslide debris and boulders from the road when the rain stopped. A landslide occurred at the 6.5-kilometer section of Miaoli Road 62 on the 18th, sending 200 cubic meters of debris down, blocking 20 meters of the road. The township office and police set up roadblocks as workers were sent over to remove the rubble.

Chen Hsin-ta, Secretary, Taian Township Office: “We are in the process of clearing away the debris, which includes rocks of all sizes along with soil.”

The office says the water content of local soil is very high, making it prone to collapse. The affected road is the main access road for local hot springs and two indigenous villages. Hot spring operators are worried about the impact on tourism.

Liu Hsing-cheng, Hot Spring Operator in Taian: “The southern side of Road 62 has always been more steep and prone to collapse. Some tour buses are currently stuck. They have to fix this as soon as possible.”

One hot spring operator says something like this happens every time there is heavy rain and tour buses can't get in or out. He is also worried about tourism revenue this weekend with more rain being forecasted. The township office says it will remediate the road as soon as possible to ensure vehicular safety.