Female Fan Forced Her Way onto Railroad Crossings 為拍蒸汽火車 強闖平交道欄杆已違法

Numerous photographers took their chances to capture the beauty of the very rare steam locomotive in Hualien, with one of them crossing over the fence to take pictures, leaving everyone there in a cold sweat.

This is the north railroad crossing in Hualien Shoufeng Township Zhishoue Village. There were several railway fans crowded in front of the fence, taking shots of the fast-approaching whistling DT668 train with the steam locomotive. However, a female in a pink coat disregarded the dangers and crossed over the fence to take her pictures. Everyone behind her was in a cold sweat.

Railway Enthusiast: “This is a very dangerous act. Even for a railway photographer, it is absolutely prohibited. Moreover, in terms of railway safety, this would pose public dangers and likely cause traffic accidents.”

The Railway Police Bureau said that when the trains pass by, they create huge steam cyclones, to which if people stand too close, the cyclone would draw in objects nearby. The act of such a female has violated Article 57 of the Railway Act and may be subject to a fine of NT10,000 to NT50,000. The female's identity has been confirmed and she has been notified to report to the police.

Chung Cheng-hsuan, Hualien Center Director, Railway Police Bureau Hualien Branch: “We hereby appeal to the general public to keep clear of railroad crossings. Please engage in different activities within safe and permissible parameters. Photo-taking within railroad crossings is strictly prohibited.”

A senior railway fan emphasized that experiments abroad showed that when a train passes by with a speed of 50 kilometers per hour, it produces approximately eight kilograms of momentum; this is Bernoulli's Principle, thus there are yellow lines on train platforms to warn people not to underestimate the dangers caused by steam cyclones.









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