TPP Announces Year-end Election Candidates 布局年底選舉 民眾黨議員參選人元宵亮相

As the nine-in-one elections are less than a year away, Taiwan People's Party, which was founded in 2019 and participated in the elections for the first time, announced its candidateds for several city councils on Feb. 15, including Huang Ching-yin, party spokesperson Yang Pao-chen, former McDonald's employee Lee Yi-chin and Chiang Ping-tsung. Their experiences and qualifications are under crutiny as some of them had a record of DUI and a suspected tendency towards China.  

The Taiwan People's Party announced candidates for the year-end local elections on Feb. 15. They included Huang Ching-yin, party spokesperson Yang Pao-chen, former McDonald's employee Lee Yi-chin and Chiang Ping-tsung, who is known as Tainan's Hou Han-ting.

Lee Yi-chin, Keelung City Council Candidate, Taiwan People's Party: “I think you can only understand the grassroots if you come out of the grassroots.”

Chiang Ping-tsung, Tainan City Council Candidate, Taiwan People's Party: “Many people have told me that I look like Hou Han-ting. I think there is only a slight resemblance, not a strong one. Our political views are also completely different.”

The TPP was founded in 2019, and this will be its first time taking part in a major election. Another candidate that has already been confirmed has a DUI record and was also previously recognized by the Chinese government as an example.

Hsieh Li-kung, Secretary-General, Taiwan People's Party: “At least our standards are stricter than those of the Central Election Commission. With regards to reports that he provided a good citizen certificate, perhaps the circumstances were that his sentence was commuted to a fine or his sentence was suspended or it was a minor offense. We also wanted to give rehabilitated people opportunities. ”

Tai Hsiang-i and Lu Chia-kai resigned as New Taipei City Government deputy spokespersons on Feb. 14. Wu Hsun-hsiao resigned as a secretary from the mayor's office. All three are running for the city council with the blessing of Mayor Hou Yu-ih.

Tai Hsiang-i, Former New Taipei City Gov't Deputy Spokesperson: “We don't yet have election vests or catchphrases, because we're not officially candidates until after today when we leave the New Taipei City Government. After that, we will start preparing for the campaign.”

Lu Chia-kai, Former New Taipei City Gov't Deputy Spokesperson: “I will seek Kuomintang membership to seek the party's nomination for New Taipei City's Tucheng, Shulin, Sanxia and Yingge District. ”

Former Taichung City Information Bureau Director Cho Kuan-ting is also eyeing a spot on the New Taipei City Council. He and other candidates formed a coalition to support farmers by purchasing pineapples and sugar apples. He admitted the pressure is high since there are so many candidates backed by Hou in New Taipei City.

Cho Kuan-ting, Former Director, Information Bureau, Taichung City: “What I feel right now is that we're not competing against the Kuomintang, we're competing against the entire New Taipei City Government. There were reports during the past several days that Mayor Hou Yu-ih personally called many local figures including borough chiefs and important local figures to ask them to strongly support those deputy spokespersons who resigned from the New Taipei City Government.”

All major political parties have begun making preparations for the year-end elections in the post-holiday period.